Our Research in schools

Our research in Schools

The Repair-Ed project is conducting research with ten primary schools – both public and independent – in ten different wards of the city of Bristol. We hope to understand the stories of each school in relation to the economic, socio-political and policy mechanisms that create inequitable conditions of primary schooling.

We will be working closely with teachers, children, school leaders, parents and wider communities over five years to map how primary schooling is experienced in different contexts of the city. We’ll be focusing particularly on Key Stage 2 (years 3-6).

Through this research we will be focusing on the conditions and experiences of classed and racial inequality across the city and exploring how different members of Bristol’s primary schools imagine a fairer education system for all.

Check back here for updates on our methodological approaches to school-based research and how this aspect of the project connects to our neighbourhood ethnographies. We’ll also be sharing findings and stories from our research as they emerge (anonymised, of course!).